When you're suffering from sinus pain, you feel cut off from the rest of the world. The chronic aches and sinus headaches caused by sinusitis make focusing on daily tasks an arduous undertaking. Often, you can feel trapped inside your own head. But you don't have to feel stuck with sinus pain forever. The Sanakey uses natural therapeutic processes to provide effective pain relief.


Avoid Inferior Treatments

Over-the-counter painkillers carry the risk of nasty side-effects. Even targeted treatments, such as decongestant sprays, can cause negative reactions. When used for a longer than a week, decongestants can actually worsen your symptoms. Plus, they present their own list of unwelcome consequences. This includes uncontrollable shaking, insomnia, arrhythmia, and difficulty passing urine. At their most serious, the side-effects include hallucinations and severe allergic reactions.

Natural Pain Relief

Unlike conventional treatments, the Sanakey doesn't introduce any foreign substances to your body. That means there's no chance of addiction, no fear of side-effects, and no possibility of becoming tolerant to the treatment. Instead, you'll enjoy natural pain relief that works every time.

Advanced Therapeutic Processes

The Sanakey works by delivering electronic impulses that mimic your body's nerve signals. These impulses alert your body to the presence of pain, kickstarting the natural healing process. As you use the Sanakey, it monitors your body's reaction through the skin. Then, it adjusts the frequency of its pulses to match your body. Because the Sanakey reacts to biofeedback, the effect of the treatment is never diminished. Learn more about how it works.

Personal Pain Management

The Sanakey is light and portable, making it easy to take with you for pain relief on the go. The device charges using a micro-USB cable, so you'll never find yourself caught without relief. Optional interchangeable heads help you to tailor your treatments even further. Plus, the device features a full-colour LCD touchscreen, making tweaking the settings truly simple.

Do-it-Yourself Simple

Using the Sanakey is straightforward and intuitive. For your reference, we'll provide a comprehensive user manual alongside your device. Online tutorial videos are also available, as well as a useful companion app for iOS and Android. Want to receive a demonstration in person? Simply book an appointment at one of our nearby clinics.

The Sanakey eliminates the symptoms of sinusitis without unwelcome side-effects.