Try the Sanakey without making a large upfront payment. Renting our innovative SANAKEY device is a more affordable, low-risk way of testing the efficacy of our proven pain relief device. Now you can experience this powerful device for as little as £125 a month.

Test the Sanakey for Yourself

For £125 a month, you'll receive a single Sanakey device to use as often as you would like. Renting the Sanakey allows you to experience its profound pain relief for yourself.

Deciding to Keep the Sanakey

Once you've experienced pain management like this, you won't want to go without. We make holding on to the Sanakey easy by offering the device for purchase. We'll even reduce the amount you pay by the sum of any rental payments made.


Rental Agreement

This rental agreement is for a single Sanakey device at a rental rate of £125 per month. This is payable, monthly, in advance for a minimum period of 4 months. The rental agreement will continue thereafter, subject to one month's notice of cancellation by either party.

A deposit of £150 is due and payable upon the signing of this rental agreement. The deposit is refunded at the end of the rental period, upon the return of the Sanakey, subject to repair costs as a result of damage or misuse.

At any time during the rental period, the Sanakey may be purchased for the sum of £876 less any rental payments and deposit paid.

VAT is applicable for the rental and purchase of the Sanakey and accessories, unless a VAT exemption declaration has been completed.

No accessories for the Sanakey are included in the rental agreement. These may be purchased separately if required.

In the event that the Sanakey is not returned due to loss, irreparable damage, or theft, the full value of the Sanakey will be due and immediately payable less the deposit held. It is your responsibility to insure the Sanakey.

You agree to exercise care in the handling and operation of the Sanakey. Please consult your authorised health practitioner for guidance and advice. Always refer to our website and user handbooks.

It is incumbent upon you to return the Sanakey to the Apex Practice located at 10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF at the end of the rental agreement by recorded, registered post. The Sanakey remains the property of the Apex Practice for the duration of the rental agreement.

The Sanakey is not to be used during pregnancy, or where a pacemaker is fitted, or where there is a history of epilepsy. Any side-effects are normally transitory and of little significance. Any concerns regarding the use of the Sanakey must be reported to your health professional and the Apex Practice as soon as possible.

Fees are collected by credit or debit card only. You agree to authorise the Apex Practice to retain your details accordingly.

    I agree to the terms of the rental agreement described

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