Local Pain Therapy Clinics

Organise a visit to one of our many local pain clinics and end your pain with immediate results. An expansive network of Sanakey clinicians operates throughout the UK. They're waiting to help you experience the Sanakey's enormous pain relief with targeted, effective treatments. After, it's easy to keep treating your pain with an affordable rental package.

Experience the Relief

There's nothing like the relief provided in your first Sanakey therapy session. Local therapy is the best way to test the Sanakey's performance when treating your own pain. Plus, the hand of a seasoned therapist means the treatment will target your specific pain.

Take the Treatment with You

Once you've experienced pain management like this, you won't want to go without. We make holding on to the Sanakey easy by offering a practical rental service. You'll be free to take the Sanakey wherever you go. Just think: what will you do when simple pain management is always at hand?

An Affordable Option

It costs less than £4 a day to enjoy the Sanakey's pain relief as part of a minimum 3-month rental contract. And, if you decide to rent the Sanakey, we'll waive the cost of your initial therapy session. Learn more about renting the Sanakey.

Choose a Clinic

Our local therapists can immediately help to relieve your pain, then show you how to keep it away with the Sanakey for as little as £4 per day. Experienced and professional, our expert clinicians will use our proven device to provide instant relief. It's an effective, risk-free way of experiencing the Sanakey's profound effect for yourself.

Speak with our team, book a visit to your local clinic, and feel the Sanakey’s pain relief in action.

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