When you're affected by knee problems, the pace of life seems to come to an unwelcome stop. Playing with the kids, staying fit, and simply getting around all become tiresome tasks fraught with pain and discomfort. There are many potential causes of knee pain, but there is one certain source of relief: the Sanakey. Using electronic pulses, this proven device provides knee pain treatment without medicine. That means you'll enjoy dramatic knee pain relief without the side-effects caused by conventional treatments.


Knee Pain: You're Not Alone

As we get older, most of us are likely to encounter knee pain of some kind. It's not surprising: your knees bear the full weight of your body on a daily basis. Simple exercises like running and jumping add extra burden to the joints of your knees. Lifting things at work or carrying the kids is sure to have an impact, too. Eventually, something has to give. While knee pain is common, that doesn't mean you have to put up with it. With the Sanakey, you can treat knee pain fast - without the need for mass-market pharmaceuticals.

Your Body is Unique. So is Our Treatment

Over-the-counter medicine doesn't address the specific needs of your body. That's because it's designed to be used by everyone. The Sanakey is different. Using biofeedback, the device monitors your body's response to the treatment it offers. With that feedback, the Sanakey modifies the healing pulses it delivers. This triggers your body's unique self-regulating mechanisms, kick-starting the process of pain relief. Generalised pain remedies don't provide the tailored treatments the Sanakey has to offer. In short, the Sanakey learns your body's language to provide pain-relieving instructions your nerves can understand. Learn more about how it works.

Simple to Use, Easy to Carry

The Sanakey is a fantastic addition to any medicine cabinet. A straightforward design makes picking up and using the Sanakey effortless. The quality LCD touchscreen and interchangeable heads mean configuring the device is easy. Plus, the Sanakey charges using a standard micro-USB cable. Forget about frequenting the shops to replenish dwindling supplies of pain medicine. The Sanakey is always to hand, ready to deliver the targeted pain treatment you need. It's safe for the whole family, too!

The Sanakey helps you remedy knee problems without pharmaceuticals.