Back pain is bound to affect almost every part of your life. From the inability to focus to lost appetite, chronic lower back pain presents a serious barrier to enjoying life to the fullest. When conventional methods fail, turn to the innovative treatment offered by the Sanakey. This advanced pain management device triggers your body's natural response to injury. By directing your body's primary focus toward the source of your discomfort, the Sanakey offers dramatic back pain relief.


Feeling Consumed By Pain?

The negativity caused by back pain can be more than physical. In fact, the symptoms of lower back pain often lead to a lowered emotional state. It's easy to see how consistent discomfort intrudes upon our thoughts, making the idea of improvement feel like a distant dream. Hope can seem scarce after you've tried countless remedies in search of pain relief. Aside from losing effect over time, these solutions come with unwelcome side-effects. Some of the risks associated with popular over-the-counter pain relief include:

  • Gastrointestinal Discomfort
  • Kidney Problems
  • Liver Damage

There is Another Option

The Sanakey replaces costly, ineffective medication with an advanced therapeutic treatment. Using impulses near-identical to your body's own nerve signals, the Sanakey instructs your body to activate its natural pain-regulating processes. Learn more about how it works.

What Makes the Sanakey Better?

The Sanakey doesn't try to numb pain with substances that are foreign to your body. Instead, it uses signals your body understands to highlight sources of pain. Think of the Sanakey as a helping hand, alerting the brain and body to your discomfort before letting them do what they do best. The Sanakey kickstarts the natural healing process, encouraging your body to target painful areas with its own self-regulating mechanisms.

The Effects You Want, None You Don't

Because the Sanakey is free from drugs, your body can't become dependent on its treatment. That means you won't have to worry about addiction. In fact, you can apply the Sanakey as often as you need without the fear of overdosing. And, because the Sanakey monitors your response to treatment, you won't become tolerant over time. Analysing your body as you apply it to your skin, the Sanakey modifies its impulses with every application. That way, your body can't learn to "tune out" the signal - keeping the Sanakey effective time after time.

Pain Relief Made Simple

Thanks to its intelligent, hand-held design, the Sanakey is easy to pick up and use. A full-colour LCD touchscreen and interchangeable heads make tweaking the Sanakey effortless. To help get you started, we'll provide an extensive user manual with your Sanakey. We've also developed a companion application for iOS and Android. Our app offers simple treatment techniques based on where you're feeling pain. Or, if you'd prefer to see a demonstration in person, it's easy to find a nearby Sanakey clinic.

How Much Do You Spend on Inferior Pain Relief?

In a 2015 report, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found that in 2013, total healthcare expenditure per person was £2,350. The ONS reported that more than two-thirds of private healthcare expenditure was household consumption. This included the purchase of pharmaceutical products¹. Think how much you spend on pain relief with a chronic condition like back pain - money spent on increasingly ineffective treatments with a laundry list of adverse side-effects. Now, imagine how much money you could save with a more effective solution like the Sanakey.

Try the Sanakey and experience back pain relief without the need for medicine.