When a migraine or tension headache rears its ugly head, the pain can be severe. Often you're forced to stay home, avoiding any sights and sounds that might worsen the agony. It's easy to feel like life is passing you by as you wait for the discomfort and nausea to finally relent. As a chronic migraine or tension headache sufferer, you might feel resigned to the isolation and distress you've experienced for so long. But, thanks to the Sanakey, it doesn't have to be that way anymore.

Activate Your Body's Defenses

The Sanakey directs high-amplitude, biofeedback-controlled pulses toward your body's cutaneous nerves. This high-density stimulation triggers the body's natural pain relief and self-regulation mechanisms. This non-invasive treatment encourages your body to do what comes naturally when you're unwell. That makes it a fantastic alternative to drug-based therapies and medicines. A single application of the Sanakey's treatment is enough to curtail the onset of a migraine. In short, it's a tremendous form of migraine and tension headache relief. Learn more about how the Sanakey works.

A Modern Solution to Age-Old Conditions

Elegant and simple, the Sanakey is designed with convenience and portability in mind. The device features a touchscreen interface and charges using a micro-USB cable. That makes using and maintaining the Sanakey as simple as could be.

Talking to Your Body

Unlike conventional pharmaceuticals, the Sanakey speaks a language your body can understand. In fact, the device reads your body's response as you apply it to your skin. Interpreting this information, the Sanakey adjusts itself to suit your body's unique requirements. Forget mass-produced, ineffective pills. Take advantage of a treatment that's tailored to your body.

Leave Powerless Pharmaceuticals Behind

The next time a migraine strikes, don't scramble to the medicine cabinet for pills that barely make a difference. Instead, reach for the Sanakey. This targeted treatment offers the pain relief you need, without the use of drugs. Imagine the time and money you'll save when you forgo over-the-counter tablets. Plus, you'll never be forced to visit the shops when supplies run low again. Instead, you'll turn to a reliable solution that's always there - and is safe for the whole family.

Take advantage of the natural migraine relief the Sanakey has to offer.