The Sanakey is an effective form of drug-free pain management. Unlike medicine, our device doesn't try to replace what your body already does best. Instead, the Sanakey encourages your body to launch its own natural healing processes. It does this by mimicking nerve signals near-identical to the ones your own body creates. These signals tell your body to target painful areas the same way it targets any injury. That makes the Sanakey a profound natural pain remedy that provides significant results.

Understanding Pain

Pain is a sensation triggered by the nervous system. It can be sharp and cutting, or dull and aching. Your pain may come and go, or feel consistent over time. You might feel pain in a single area of your body, or the pain could be widespread.

Pain Has a Purpose...

Without the sensation of pain, you could injure yourself without being aware. Pain is an essential part of identifying conditions that need our immediate attention. Once you take care of the problem, pain usually subsides. Pain that behaves in this way has a name: acute pain. When pain draws attention to a condition and leaves when things are better, it serves a purpose.

...But Often Outstays Its Welcome

Sometimes, pain stays after you've treated the cause. This chronic pain can last for weeks, months, and even years after the root cause has gone. Chronic pain is also associated with long-lasting conditions that have no cure. This includes arthritis and fibromyalgia. In other cases, the cause of chronic pain is unknown.

How Can You Relieve Pain?

Today, there are many options available for those seeking pain relief. Yet, painkillers pose many risks and become ineffective over time. Worse, it's possible to become addicted to the chemicals they introduce to your body.

The Sanakey Helps in 3 Ways

The Sanakey causes no unpleasant side-effects. And, because it responds to your body's feedback, you can't become tolerant over time. In short, the Sanakey is superior to painkillers and TENS machines. Using proven therapeutic processes, our innovative device stimulates pain relief and promotes healing. The Sanakey helps to relieve pain in 3 primary ways:

  • Delivering High-Amplitude, High-Density, Controlled Pulses to Painful Areas of Your Body
  • Independently Adjusting Its Treatment Based on Your Body's Response
  • Signalling Your Body to Activate Its Built-In Healing and Pain Regulation Processes

Safe and Non-Invasive

Using the Sanakey to treat pain couldn't be more comfortable. This non-invasive technology monitors your body's response through the skin. Treatment is as simple as pointing the device toward a painful area and letting the Sanakey do the rest.

Reliable and Convenient

Forget about spending money to keep your medicine cabinet stocked. All you need is the Sanakey. This ingenious device charges via a micro-USB cable. There are no pills to run out of or forget at home. Just a portable, convenient device that's ready to provide pain relief whenever you need it. Plus, the Sanakey is simple enough for the entire family to use. The touchscreen interface and interchangeable heads make configuring the device an easy task. A comprehensive user manual is also included for your reference. If you do need help, we offer online and phone-based support services. Or, find a Sanakey clinic near you to receive guidance from one of our expert therapists.

You know how it works.
Now, experience the pain relief for yourself.