How Does the Sanakey Work?

The Sanakey is a form of non-invasive, drug free pain relief. The device works to activate your body's self-regulating mechanisms. It does this by emitting an electromagnetic signal that is near-identical to human nerve signals. The Sanakey also stimulates the production of neuropeptides, which rapidly advance healing.

Who Can Benefit from the Sanakey?
Anyone experiencing chronic or acute pain will benefit from the natural pain relief provided by the Sanakey.
How Can the Sanakey Ease My Pain?

First of all, remember that pain can be useful. Pain tells your brain where a problem in the body can be found. This allows the brain to produce pain-killing endorphins targeted for that area.

Imagine you have sprained your ankle. The pain you experience works to alert your body's nervous system to the problem. The body responds immediately to begin the healing process. A sprained ankle is an acute injury, and the associated pain is a symptom of the healing process.

However, pain often persists long after the healing period has elapsed. This is especially true when the injury was severe. Extensive use of painkillers during this period may also have affected healing. That's because they dampen the signal used by the brain to identify and repair injury.

After a while, the brain and the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems can do no more for an injury. Yet, the pain may persist. This is known as chronic pain. The Sanakey helps the body to produce mediators, hormones, and other chemical substances used for healing. It redirects the body's energy back toward the location of your pain or injury. This is known as giving the area "primary focus" and returns your body to the task of making repairs to itself.

How Does the Sanakey Differ from a TENS Machine?
With conventional TENS therapy, pain only subsides while the TENS unit is active. TENS machines deliver a continuous impulse which the body eventually adapts to. Over time, the body ignores this signal - causing the pain to return.

The pain management offered by the Sanakey extends beyond the duration of the treatment. Often, relief lasts for days or weeks after.

The biofeedback-controlled impulse delivered by the Sanakey actively communicates with your body's processes. It does this by monitoring your skin's impedance and adjusting its impulses accordingly.

A TENS machine delivers a one-way signal to your body. The Sanakey sends a signal, but also listens to the signal your body sends back. In essence, the device and your body "talk" to one another. Monitoring and evaluating the result of its treatment, the Sanakey modifies its impulses to suit your body's needs. It does this without the possibility of overdosing. The Sanakey presents very few, if any, side-effects.
Is the Sanakey Reliable and Easy to Use?
Yes! The Sanakey is designed and manufactured in Germany to rigorous standards. The device is operated via a full-colour LCD touchscreen. The Sanakey is accompanied by a comprehensive, easy-to-follow instruction manual. We also provide a companion app for iOS and Android devices.
Does the Sanakey Need Batteries?
No. The device features micro-USB charging, so batteries are not needed.
Are There Any Accessories?
A selection of interchangeable electrode heads are available. These are useful for targeting different areas of the body.
How Long Does a Treatment Session Take?
The needs of each patient can vary considerably. Whether pain is acute or chronic will affect the treatment time. The location and history of an injury are additional contributing factors. On average, 20-30 minutes per session is enough to reduce pain.
What's Included with My Purchase?
Your purchase includes:

  • The Sanakey - Complete with Full-Colour LCD Touchscreen
  • A Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • A User Manual
  • Access to Our Patient Care Helpline
  • Access to Online Help Videos
Can I Give Up My Prescribed Pain Medication?
The Sanakey treatment is designed to relieve pain without reliance on medication. However, we advise that you seek the guidance of your general practictioner before withdrawing from or altering your medication regime.
Are There Side-Effects or Contraindications?
The Sanakey is non-addictive. You may use it frequently to relieve pain. Red patches may occur on your skin when you first apply the treatment. This will disappear after a short time. We do not recommend the Sanakey to:

  • Pregnant Women
  • People with Pacemakers
  • People with Epilepsy or a History of Seizures

Natural Pain Management

The Sanakey is an advanced pain-relief technology that replaces mass-produced pharmaceuticals with tailored pain treatments for sciatica, back pain, and other conditions.