Each of the symptoms of fibromyalgia are as devastating as the last. From widespread pain to mental fatigue, sufferers must endure many distressing conditions on a daily basis. The lack of a clear-cut fibromyalgia treatment may leave you feeling helpless. With the Sanakey, however, you can manage the effects of fibromyalgia with significant results.

A Device That Listens - and Responds

Your body is entirely unique. Why should your pain treatment regime be any different? The Sanakey uses your body's own biofeedback to provide tailored pain therapy. That means the healing impulses delivered by the device respond to the precise requirements of your body. Leave off-the-shelf, catch-all medicines behind. Instead, try a treatment designed for your specific needs.

Backed by Proven Principles

Discover profound pain relief without the need for mass-produced pharmaceuticals. The Sanakey utilises proven therapeutic principles to deliver remarkable results. This simple, do-it-yourself treatment applies straight onto your skin. As a result, the Sanakey's non-invasive healing produces minimal (if any) side-effects. Learn more about how it works.

Pain is a Reaction. Relief is Just Another

It's easy to lose hope when you're affected by chronic pain. The symptoms of fibromyalgia can distract you from recognising the possibility of relief. Remember: pain is nothing more than a bodily reaction triggered by stimuli. The same is true of pain relief. The Sanakey delivers the stimulation your body needs to trigger its self-regulating mechanisms - and begin the process of relief.

How Much Do You Spend on Pain Medication?

If you rely on any form of pharmaceutical pain relief, the answer is too much. The Sanakey is a wise investment for any chronic pain sufferer. Why waste money keeping a medicine cabinet stocked when our simple device is a source of relief that won't run out? With the Sanakey, a micro-USB charging cable is all that's required for targeted pain treatment whenever you need it.

Designed with Simplicity in Mind

Using the Sanakey is easy. Just apply the device's healing pulse to a painful area of your body and the Sanakey will take care of the rest. A full-colour LCD touchscreen and interchangeable heads make configuring the device hassle-free.

Ready to experience natural, effective fibromyalgia treatment?