When you suffer from arthritis, pain becomes a part of your daily life. You may have even accepted your discomfort as an inevitability of the condition. But the truth is, you don't have to live with the chronic pain associated with arthritis. The Sanakey, our advanced pain management device, offers profound arthritis pain relief. With the Sanakey, you can control the joint pain and fatigue you may have become accustomed to. This proven, effective device will help you to regain the quality of your life.


Natural Joint Pain Relief

From fatigue to joint pain, the symptoms of arthritis impact your life and mood. It's easy to slip into an isolated, unhealthy frame of mind when you're suffering on a daily basis. Using the Sanakey, you can manage the symptoms of arthritis. It's an advanced pain management device that will help you win back the quality of your life - without pharmaceuticals.

How Does it Work?

Delivering electronic pulses, the Sanakey stimulates your body's natural healing processes. The signals sent by the Sanakey are near-identical to the signals sent by your own nerves. That means your body understands the Sanakey's targeted impulses. Then, your body responds by kickstarting its own self-regulating mechanisms. Learn more about how it works.

No Medicine Needed

Communicating with your body, the Sanakey alerts the brain to the source of your discomfort. This encourages the body to produce the mediators, hormones, and chemicals it usually creates when you sustain an injury. The Sanakey rallies the body to do what it comes naturally when you're in pain. As a result, the targeted treatment it offers requires no medication or pharmaceuticals.

Arthritis Relief with No Side-Effects

When you use the Sanakey for pain relief, you can forget about the problems associated with conventional medicine. There's no chance of becoming addicted to the treatment, because there're no chemicals involved. There are no unwelcome side-effects to contend with. And, because the Sanakey is charged via a micro-USB cable, you can never run out of the pain relief it provides.

Always-Effective Pain Relief

Your body becomes tolerant to other forms of pain treatment over time. Traditional medicine and alternatives such as TENS devices may help your pain at first. But, over time, their efficacy will wane - leaving you in discomfort once again. The Sanakey is different. Using biofeedback, our device monitors your body's reaction to its treatments. Then, it uses that feedback to attune its impulse signals to your body. The result is a treatment that's always effective - and always tailored to the specific needs of your body.

Lightweight and Comfortable

The Sanakey is designed to be there when you need it. With an attractive, hand-held design, the Sanakey is convenient and portable. Its manageable size makes the Sanakey feel right at home in your medicine cabinet. Once its there, it's sure to become your primary source of pain relief.

Pain Relief Made Easy

Using the Sanakey couldn't be simpler. The full-colour LCD touchscreen makes configuring the device a breeze. Plus, we offer interchangeable heads to help you target treatments even further. Your Sanakey comes with an informative manual to help get you started with treatments. We also provide online help videos, as well as a companion app to help you choose the right treatment for your pain. If you'd prefer to experience a demonstration in person, it's easy to arrange an appointment in one of our many UK clinics.

The Sanakey helps you to manage arthritis pain without complicated medicine.